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Watching the Big Dance is gonna cost employers $192 million

Mar 17, 2011, 11:40 AM EDT

As you spend the rest of today and Friday and work watching NCAA tournament games and checking on the status of your bracket game-by-game, consider this: The Big Dance will cost the US. $192 million in lost worker productivity.

Hope that $5 you used to submit your bracket is worth it.

How is this possible? Consultants Challenger Gray & Christmas Inc. estimate that online viewership is likely to reach 8.4 million hours during the three-week tournament. At an average hourly earning of $22.87, that’s quite the chunk of change.

So maybe you should just leave work now. Download a doctor’s note from and go have some buffalo wings while you watch some hoops.

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  1. pnoty96 - Mar 17, 2011 at 1:21 PM

    So. They loose a little productivity for a few days. How about the other side…the EXCESS productivity they get through increasing “casual overtime” that is expected to get work done through decreasing workforces, decreasing pension / retirement benefits, etc…etc. they arent bitching about that? How about layoffs the workers face when its’ management that screwed up. they dont lay themselves off? and they continue to get bonuses? Basically…who gives a flying SHEET about it fora few days.

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