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Missouri loses at Arkansas, but don’t complain about the refs

Feb 16, 2013, 7:06 PM EDT

Rickey Scott,  Earnest Ross

Barring a collapse down the stretch, Missouri isn’t going to miss the NCAA tournament. Losing 73-71 at Arkansas doesn’t change that.

They’ve beaten Illinois, VCU and Ole Miss and they have just one truly horrible loss — at LSU. Given the rest of the teams that are currently sitting on the bubble, the Tigers are in really good shape. Arkansas beats everyone at home. Losing is never a good thing, but a loss at Arkansas is far from reason to sound the alarm.

The bigger issue is how Missouri gave the game away down the stretch. (Before I start, yes, the Tigers have a legitimate gripe with the officiating down the stretch. I’ll get to that.)

With just over a minute left and a 65-63 lead, Phil Pressey turned the ball over trying to do to much on his own. That turnover led to a layup at the other end of the floor, and after Pressey hit a pull-up to give the Tigers the lead back on the ensuing possession, Missouri had a chance to extend their lead to two possessions when Keion Bell was fouled with 47 seconds, but he only hit one of the free throws.

After Missouri pushed their lead to four points, Bell was beaten off the dribble by BJ Young, who was given an and-one on a fairly ridiculous continuation call in which Young traveled before getting the shot off. He hit the free throw, cutting Missouri’s lead to 70-69. After Jabari Brown hit just one of two from the charity stripe, Young against blew by Bell, finishing another and-one that would give Arkansas a one point lead. After Missouri called a timeout, Pressey turned the ball over again — it was a bit of a questionable call, but I don’t think he was fouled — as a result of being out of control.

Arkansas hit one of two from the line and Missouri missed a three at the buzzer that would have won it.

Do the math, and Missouri ended the game by committing two turnovers, missing two free throws and allowing Young to blow by them twice in the final 1:19 as they were trying to protect a lead on the road.

Complain about the refs if you would like, but Missouri gave that game away down the stretch.

That’s what should sting.

Because as of today, Missouri’s only road win is at Mississippi State.

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  1. westcoastredbird - Feb 16, 2013 at 8:01 PM

    I don’t have a dog in the fight but this is the worst officiated game in college history. I think Vegas had the refs on speed dial. Arkansas traveled the entire game. Maybe 3 steps without a dribble is now legal. Sounds like a new Lynrd Skynrd song. Give me 3 steps, give me 3 steps, and give me 3 steps and I’ll travel again some more.

  2. cwk22 - Feb 16, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    Didn’t see the game, but been to enough home games were the HOGS got screwed. Hate to win that way, but about time they weren’t on the losing end of bad calls at home.

  3. mizzoualumm - Feb 17, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    I do have a dog in the fight so call me bias but how bout the end of the game when Pressey was fouled in front of Haith who called a time out that was awarded after the foul call and then the foul was taken away?? Nobody is talking about this but you can clearly see the ref raise his arm for the foul call, then point to Haith and acknowledge the timeout then just move along like he didn’t call a foul. Ridiculous refereeing.

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