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Michigan needs Trey Burke to break out of his shooting funk on Monday night

Apr 7, 2013, 4:13 PM EDT

Michigan v Syracuse Getty Images

ATLANTA — Trey Burke was phenomenal for a three minute stretch against Kansas in the Sweet 16.

He scored eight points in the final minute and a half of regulation, including a 30 foot step-back three that tied the game and forced overtime. Then Burke hit the first two shots of the overtime period for the Wolverines, giving Michigan a lead that they wouldn’t relinquish.

All told, he scored 13 points in three minutes of game-time, which was enough to finish off Michigan’s comeback win and send them on to the Elite 8. Without it, the Wolverines would have made the Final Four and they wouldn’t be playing for the National Title on Monday night. That much should be obvious.

But what isn’t quite as obvious is that outside of those three minutes, Burke hasn’t played up to those National Player of the Year honors he’s been collecting during this tournament. He was 2-12 from the floor and had just six points against South Dakota State. He had 18 points and seven assists against VCU, but he also had seven of Michigan’s 12 turnovers and was the only member of the Wolverines that appeared to struggle with ‘Havoc’. Outside of those three minutes, Burke was 4-16 from the floor against Kansas. He was 5-16 from the floor against Florida in the Elite 8.

And believe it or not, his worst game of the tournament came in the Final Four. Burke was 1-8 from the field. He had just seven points and handed out just four assists.

For the tournament, Burke is shooting just 32.4% from the field and 25.8% from three. And Louisville isn’t exactly the kind of team that will help a point guard bust out of a slump.

“We understand that guys are going to have off-nights,” Burke said. It’s helped that guys like Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary have played some of their best basketball of the season, or that Nike Stauskas, Spike Albrecht and Caris Lavert have shown the ability to hit big shots in big moments throughout the tournament. The easiest way to relieve pressure on a superstar that isn’t playing his best is to have his teammates step up.

But here’s the thing about Burke — his shots might not have been falling, but he hasn’t exactly played bad basketball. He has 35 assists in the five games and just 15 turnovers. He’s rebounded the ball. He’s done enough that John Beilein got a bit feisty today when someone mentioned Burke having an off-night.

“I bristled a little bit last night when people say that Trey Burke had an off game,” Beilein said. “Trey Burke did so many things behind the scenes in that game that we don’t win without Trey Burke, don’t come close. What you all have to understand, it’s more than just that box score, how many points.”

“If you understand all the nuances of the game, it’s a huge difference of whether we win or lose, some of the intangibles that happen in a game that you never see in a stat.”

That’s fair, but perhaps the most valuable aspect of Burke’s play during the tournament has come on the defensive end of the floor. Michael Carter-Williams shot 1-6 from the field last night, finishing with more turnovers (five) than points and assists combined (four). Burke played a major role in that, just like he played a major role in holding Nate Wolters to 3-14 shooting in the tournament’s opening round.

There’s more to Burke’s arsenal than simply being a weapon on the offensive end, but that’s what he’s the best at. Michigan can survive without him shooting the ball well, but they aren’t going to be at their best, and if they want to beat Louisville on Monday night, they are going to have to be at their best.

That means that Burke is going to have to shoot the ball better than he did on Saturday night and better than he has over the last three weeks if the Wolverines want to win.

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  1. mikewiz64 - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    Its not secrete that Burke’s offense wasn’t as good last night as It has been at times. Will Michigan need him to have more offense to win? Not necessarily. Burke is a threat that people have to respect. That opens up other things. If Hardaway has one of his better nights and if Stauskas has one of his better nights then Trey doesn’t have to shoot lights out for Michigan to win. If all three of those guys are on and Mitch keeps up his intensity, Louisville doesn’t stand a chance.

    • mikewiz64 - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:35 PM

      Secret….. I hate auto spell correction on my iPad.

    • polegojim - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:46 PM

      I agree Mike – Burke is a impact player whether he scores 8 or 18. You ALWAYS have to respect him with the ball and leaves others with opportunity.

      They’ll need Stauskas’ 3s against Louisville… and Hardaway and Robinson.

      McGary will clean up, but they need the shots from those three. Take the open shot and don’t stand there and think about it. Just Do It.

      Also like to seem them move the ball quicker and not let Louisville set up every time it goes around the horn… like they did against the Orange. Too much dribbling and holding almost cost them down the line.

      Go BLUE!

  2. harvupdyke - Apr 7, 2013 at 6:52 PM

    I can’t recall a time someone was praised so much for a measly 3-minute scoring stretch.

    One overrated lucky ass shot = player of the year?!? Basketball camps across the country will be running step-back 30 footer drills, basketball fundamentals 101.

    Are Burke, Hardaway & co. gonna cry & whine when they fall down 20 in the second half like they did vs MSU?

    Keep your fingers crossed no one calls time out from the bench in the closing seconds.

    Roll dam tide.

    • polegojim - Apr 7, 2013 at 9:03 PM

      “Saturday was just the second time that Burke has failed to reach double figures this season”

      Try that quote Harv…. from people who KNOW basketball…

      Your a PRETENDER Tide Fan by the way.. The Tide fans I know are gracious and have class.

      Now… go Roll Away.

  3. datdangdrewdundunituhgin - Apr 7, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    that was a pretty original posting, alabama fan. i liked the TO jab at the end. very funny, hadn’t heard that one before.

  4. barnesaintnoble - Apr 7, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    You don’t know anything about basketball. You might know something about trees, though.

  5. mungman69 - Apr 8, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    Louisville by 3. They are too good.

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