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Report: Charges from traffic stop against PJ Hairston dismissed

Jul 22, 2013, 10:07 AM EDT

PJ Hairston AP

All charges against PJ Hairston stemming from  a June 5th incident in which he was pulled over while driving a car have been dismissed, according to a report from Inside Carolina.

Hairston and both of his passengers were charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and Hairston was also charged with driving without a license. A gun, a magazine with nine rounds and 41.1 grams of weed were found outside the car. From IC:

Those charges were dismissed on July 19. According to court records, Hairston obtained and completed a drug assessment and the state decided not to proceed based on those actions.

Hairston was also able to provide his current driver’s license.

Now all of the attention will turn to the car that Hairston was driving. It was rented by a convicted felon named Haydn ‘Fats’ Thomas. If the NCAA can find a connection between Thomas and an agent, than Hairston may end up in some trouble or with a hefty suspension. If not, he may miss a few games and be asked to repay the value of the car that was rented.

And then?


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  1. jjohnb5393 - Jul 22, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    Somehow everything will be blamed on John Calipari…..

  2. lundy337 - Jul 22, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    Nothing like the carolina fanbase. They have no shame. Sandusky would be coaching at unc if it got them a football championship. His ‘transgressions’ would have been swept under the rug a whole lot easier at unc.

    I know the argument about the gun can’t be ‘proven.’ But when you tie it all into the relationship with the convicted felon, well then you have to be really stupid, (or be an inside carolina mouthbreather) to think there isn’t fire beyond the smoke. If any school in the country should take a harder stance on its athletes having any kind of association with gun violence then it should be unc. Their student body president was murdered by gun violence after all. However, if you mention that irony then they will take great offense and be blind to how one issue is related to the other. Blinders apparently consitute a significant part of having a ‘carolina education.’ Compare for example how other schools, Ole Miss for instance, handle a similar issue.

    The gun, weed and police stop weren’t the significant part of this issue anyway.
    The real issue is the rental. So how will PJ pay back the rental(s)? unc apologists will remark that he only needs to pay back the two days and problem solved. We know the Yukon and Camaro before that were rented for much longer. Equivalent to about $15K worth of rentals. So how does PJ pay that much back?

    Heck for that matter how did PJ pay for a lawyer that apparently did what no other lawyer could do for a normal guy on the street in Durham when it comes to drugs, guns, and a rented car? Can you say pro bono unc lawyer? It ain’t just the dentists getting in on the act over there…

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