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Disassociated booster responsible for C.J. Leslie suspension banned from N.C. State campus

Oct 23, 2013, 2:00 PM EDT

North Carolina State Wolfpack forward C.J. Leslie shoots pver Kansas Jayhawks forward Thomas Robinson in the first half of their men's NCAA Midwest Regional basketball game in St. Louis Reuters

There’s an interesting story coming out of Raleigh today, as Eric Prisbell of USA Today is reporting that Eric Leak, a former N.C. State football player who doubles as a disassociated booster, has been issued a “no trespass” letter by the university.

The letter stems from the fact that Leak’s wife’s car received campus parking tickets in the spring of 2013 despite the fact that Leak was disassociated from the program back in 2011.

The disassociation involves extra benefits that were provided to C.J. Leslie and Tracy Smith a couple of years back. Leak was found to have given Leslie and his half-brother $410 in benefits, and Leslie was suspended for three games.

This news in and of itself is not a huge deal, but what’s noteworthy is that Prisbell seems to be poking around the N.C. State program. He’s the guy that dug up much of the dirt on Haydn “Fats” Thomas and his association with P.J. Hairston and other UNC basketball players. That’s something to keep an eye on in the future.

  1. lundy337 - Oct 23, 2013 at 10:27 PM

    You give Prisbell too much credit. Everyone knows that Prisbell was spoon fed all the info on unc’s issues from PackPride. Prisbell just verified it.
    Prisbell was in all likelihood being harassed by tarholers to investigate State’s program because there HAS to be something going on over there…. He can try to investigate Duke but since they are a private school they can essentially tell everyone that isn’t Law Enforcement or the NCAA to go suck an egg. And even then they may tell the NCAA to go take a hike!

    So Prisbell found parking tickets from an already disassociated Alumni. State goes to the extreme as usual and doesn’t allow an Alumnus to even visit campus.

    Thanks for continuing the BS narrative comparing CJ to PJ. CJ was loaned a POS/hoopty/beater by a fellow athlete while CJ’s car was broke down in the shop. PJ has no car and was loaned many cars over a long period of time all from Hertz’s Gold Club Collection by a felon known to have associations with big university boosters.

    CJ’s issues were SELF REPORTED and dealt with quickly and openly.

    PJ’s issues have been covered up, lawyer’d up, PR firmed to death and what do we know??? NOTHING!!!

    Answer me this Rob, has anyone associated with the PJ/unc issue been disassociated? Suspended when it actually counts? Taken responsibility?

    One last thing, if State actually is cheating, then they are doing about as good a job at as unc football the last couple years… Which is to say NOT TOO GOOD!!

    If State is cheating and has no better results to show for it than what they’ve had the last 20 years then maybe they should hire some unc coaches to show them how to do it!

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