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Chris Mack is The Real Slim Shady (VIDEO)

Oct 26, 2013, 12:00 PM EDT

Chris Mack entered Xavier’s Midnight Madness last night to Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady, which is fitting for Mack, who looks like Marshall Mathers got stretched out a foot. Too bad he didn’t step onto the floor rapping.

The Xavier Musketeers unofficially kicked off their season with the 2013-14 Skyline Chili Musketeer Madness celebration last night as many Big East schools kicked off their seasons with similar celebrations.

Xavier, like every school in America, had a big lighting show for introductions, a men’s and women’s co-scrimmage and a dunk contest among some of the highlights of the event. You can check out the full recap below thanks to Xavier’s athletic department.