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John Henson is not happy about the way the NCAA is handling the P.J. Hairston case

Dec 12, 2013, 11:03 AM EDT



John Henson does not appear to be a fan of the NCAA.

He’s in the NBA now, making millions as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, which makes it seem like a strange time to lash out like this until you consider the plight of his former teammates, P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald.

North Carolina’s two wings are still waiting to hear word from the NCAA about what their punishment will be for offseason transgressions. Hairston was twice found to be driving new luxury cars that were rented for him by a convicted felon. The NCAA hasn’t been clear on what the issue is for McDonald, but there was a customized mouthguard company that was using McDonald on its website as recently as this summer.

Henson has voiced his displeasure over the situation already on social media:

  1. lundy337 - Dec 12, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    I’m sure Henson isn’t a fan of the NCAA!

    Rumor is he knows Fats Thomas (PJ’s felonious luxury car providing dentist knowing friend) just as well as PJ. Social media shows Henson at all the same parties running in the same circles with PJ.
    Why doesn’t someone ask Henson what kinda cars he drove in school. 10 to 1 odds it was a Range Rover.

    The real underlying reason he isn’t a fan of the NCAA is because we all know that he took a pay cut going from the carheels to the Bucks….
    If it wasn’t for the NCAA and their prying little friends Henson would’ve probably stuck around for another year!

    Funny thing is none of these guys ever learn about social media. If PJ and Leslie would’ve just kept a lid on their shenanigans they would be merrily going on their happy way and unc would continue to feed the backdoor benefits.

    It’s like Oprah in chapel hill….. A NEW CAR FOR EVERYONE!!!!
    Those loose tweeting lips have sunk those ships. Or was it the weed?

    Anyway, the real reason PJ is still out is because he was deemed ineligible for the ENTIRE YEAR!
    unc as usual is trying to squirm and deal their way out of it. And perhaps playing both ends of the candle by lying to PJ to protect their APR. If PJ knew he was gone for good don’t you think he’d be in Europe by now? Heck knowing unc PJ could be in Europe and he’d still get straight A’s in the AFAM dept.!
    So Henson is the NCAA the SCAM or is it ol coach roy and unc?

    I don’t really expect Henson to answer that given that he went to unc he likely has no analytical abilities….

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