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Coach Cal: ‘Don’t expect things to change overnight’

Dec 17, 2013, 1:01 PM EDT

Boise State v Kentucky Getty Images

I wrote two columns off of Kentucky’s loss to North Carolina, so I don’t think there is really anything else for me to say on the subject.

Others had plenty to say, however, and one of the most common responses I got from the good folks of twitter on the subject had to do with Coach Cal and his job status.

In other words, there are some Kentucky fans that think the last year and change should mean that Coach Cal should be fired.


That doesn’t necessarily surprise me, but it did spur Coach Cal to post a statement on that included the following passage:

[D]on’t expect things to change overnight. This is going to be a yearlong process. Yes, I want to win every game I coach, but our ultimate goal is to be in that conversation at the end of the year. I know we have to be more organized, our mission has to be clearer to the players, and I have to be less emotional during the game because we’ve got a bunch of young kids. I can’t put winning before their growth.

This is about getting these players to think a different way, to think about serving each other. […] What they accomplish as a group supersedes everything. As our team succeeds, individuals benefit. Just look what that approach did for Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. That’s what I’m trying to get these guys to understand, but the fact of the matter is not everyone is on the same timetable.

He’s right.

That 2012 team was special.

That doesn’t mean this group can’t contend, but Cal’s job isn’t going to be as easy this year.

  1. jwbbn - Dec 18, 2013 at 3:45 AM

    Are you serious. No true UK fan is calling for Cals job. He brought us our first title in a decade. Plain and simple if cal was game planing for the last three loses the games probably would have had a different outcome. Instead Cal is focusing on team development not exploiting opponents weaknesses. And this is his norm. If I had one complaint it would be free throws. I say good job Cal keep up the good work and I gaurentee 99% of BBN is behind me its too bad that 1% is inbred retards that the media loves exploiting. TRUE UK FANS ARE PROUD OF THIS SQUAD AND MOST IMPORTANTLY JOHN CAL

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