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Could Tim Miles eventually replace John Calipari at Kentucky?

Jun 5, 2014, 2:06 PM EDT

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On Wednesday, Jason King of Bleacher Report put out an interesting list of who he thinks will end up being the next person to coach at some of the most prestigious programs in the country.

Most of the list is about what you would expect. Brad Stevens is mentioned at both Duke and Indiana. Sean Miller’s name is tossed into the mix at a couple of schools, as is Billy Donovan’s. Buzz Williams to Texas and Tony Bennett to Wisconsin are easy picks to make, as is Richard Pitino at Louisville and Mike Hopkins at Syracuse.

But the most interesting name that popped up in King’s breakdown was that of Tim Miles, who made Nebraska relevant in hoops for the first time in recent memory. Not only did King pick him as a potential successor to Tom Izzo at Michigan State, he said that Miles would be a fallback plan for — get this — Kentucky should they miss out on the likes of Donovan and Sean Miller.

And here’s the thing: I think that would work out well. Tim Miles can flat out coach. There’s a reason that he wins wherever he goes, and Kentucky will certainly like that.

But what will make Miles a perfect fit is his ability to connect with a fan base off the court. He’s a master when it comes to social media, whether he’s meeting fans for lunch, helping fans propose or taking selfies on the court with a fan after a big win.

He knows how to connect with a large, passionate fan base. And while basketball in Lincoln isn’t quite what it is in Lexington, Husker fans still pack Pinnacle Bank Arena on a nightly basis and it’s not just because they are finally winning games there.

We’re still a ways away from any of this coming to fruition, but it is an interesting discussion to have, especially when it seems like John Calipari’s names pops up in the conversation for every NBA job that comes open.

  1. ckos25 - Jun 12, 2014 at 10:27 PM

    I think you people need to leave all these rumors about jhon leaving alone these rumors about him leaving may have affected the boys playing for the title I get that you want a story but telling false stuff will only hurt the people who hate us if he was so bad then why do those boys keep coming to kentucky

  2. osuintx - Jun 18, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    Miles can “flat out coach”. What are you talking about. He is barely over .500 in his career including his current stint in Lincoln. He spent five years in Fort Collins going UNDER .500. He has never even sniffed a conference championship at the D-1 level. This guy is going nowhere and is lucky to be where he is now.

    • klll92 - Jun 19, 2014 at 12:11 PM

      What are YOU talking about? You glance at the guy’s career record and decide that’s enough to judge his coaching ability? A quick Google search would easily prove to you that he can, in fact, flat-out coach. Every place he has been, he inherited a mess and turned it into a winning program. This sub-.500 record he had at CSU? It’s because the first year he was there his team was so depleted that he held open tryouts just to fill the roster. Four seasons later, he took them to March Madness (and they were even better the next year – he never even got to experience the best fruits of his labor there). He has turned programs around at every level – NAIA, D-II, mid-major D-I and now high-major D-I. Last year, just his second at Nebraska (which is a historically difficult place to coach at), his team got fourth in the toughest conference in the nation. It was the best season Nebraska’s had since 1999, when the Huskers were all but maxed out on their potential (which can’t be said for the current group of Huskers). Not exactly sure how that qualifies as “going nowhere.” Do your research before you spew garbage that you can’t back up with sound reasoning.

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