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The latest allegations against Doug Wojcik involve a physical confrontation

Jul 23, 2014, 12:57 PM EDT

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The College of Charleston has launched a second investigation into accusations of misconduct by head coach Doug Wojcik.

Last month, a 50 page report was released based on the school’s initial investigation into allegations that Wojcik verbally abused players. You can read through them if you would like, and while it’s not quite as bad as what happened with Mike Rice at Rutgers, it doesn’t exactly paint the greatest picture of Wojcik.

But the latest news, according to multiple reports, is more troubling as a 13th player has come forward accusing Wojcik of mistreatment. Trevonte Dixon, who played for the Cougars in 2012-2013 before transferring out of the program, was allegedly involved in a physical confrontation with Wojcik. According to Andrew Miller of the Post and Courier, that confrontation was during a game and is on film, which is why new Charleston president Glenn McDonnell is able to open a new investigation.

Wojcik has not yet been fired by the school, but he was punished initially as a result of the first investigation. Wojcik is smart, he’s not going to quit this job and walk away from the $1.2 million that he is owed over the next three years by the school. The school can’t afford to pay two coach’s salaries and since he’s already been punished, Charleston doesn’t necessarily have grounds to fire him with cause.

These new allegations and this new investigation could end up being enough to allow Charleston to either fire Wojcik or convince him to negotiate a resignation package. According to CBSSports, regardless of how it happens, Wojcik has very likely coached his last game at Charleston.

  1. trdiii - Jul 23, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    If this confrontation was during a game and is on film, why did it take so long to be investigated? I am not questioning the player but rather the admin. In the Mike Rice situation Rutgers president Robert Barchi mis-handled the situation at every turn, including refusing to watch the video until ESPN ran it months after Rice was suspended and RU had learned of the tape. When will people learn that these situations are much easier to deal with when they happen, not after they have become public scandals, which then limits your options.

  2. klinickal - Jul 24, 2014 at 5:13 AM

    Regardless of the report, which made some interesting reading, this coach has got to go. He is a huge distraction but his worst crime is that he lost the team. Any time that happens to a coach it is curtains.

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